Aaron’s First Round of a UE4 RPG Framework

I am currently working on setting up our initial framework/tools for the UE4 engine as to make this mission a reality.  Some of the things I will share with in this dev blog are a combination of proof of concept projects but of course some full fledged awesomeness as I will try to release some of the more basic concepts and code to you all.


I have been in development with the UE4 engine as soon as it first came out. I freaking love the new direction that Unreal is taking with their engine and had to use it for this project. So after transporting a lot of our already built RPG framework from UnrealScript into C++ we are still adding to it as the internal needs for our game grow.  Currently, I have been enjoying the task of  creating a realistic AI system for our enemies that has scalable templating system utilizing behavioral trees as the main decider of the AI.  Something that has recently occurred to me as I pursued a more natural AI template was that most AI for a lot of games is a , “here is an event and so now perform appropriate action”,  this just seemed so linear and predictable.  Not something that i could accept as a scalable template for the fun eniemies we have stored for you.  But luckily, right as the design phase happened I watched an amazing movie called Interstellar. Now I wont go into details about that movie. Just go watch it with an open mind when you have time,  but what caught me was that in the movie they had this AI robot that had programmable mood/emotion settings.  This got me thinking about how I wanted the AI to be in the game.   To put not just the event and now do an action AI system but  a less predictable AI by letting the AI decide what sort of mood settings it currently had and then based off of that determine a realistic action it wanted to take, if any.  This had me a lot more excited and seemed like a fun challenge to solve.  So version one was to roll out a basic AI class and get the C++ communicating with the Behavior tree so we could determine quickly per game frame what actions to take if any events had triggered them.  My proof of concept seemed like it worked and quickly had a whole army of enemies reacting to me based off of different personalities they embodied.  So now I needed a weapon to help me with this army and that is where I am now. The weapon system.  This will have to be part of another post unfortuanelty but will update as soon as I uncover more.  I will say though that some of the framework that is already existing is easy to use NPC’s , a Dialog system to speak to them with, an Inventory system to hold all your goodies and Quests.