Understanding World Composition

I was tasked with creating a separation between levels to assist in level streaming between zones or areas in the game. I had worked with the landscape editor before with simple editing but cutting the sections out was not something that I was familiar with but something I felt I could grasp easily given the documentation of Landscape editing and Gizmos.


I initially thought that cutting out a section of the landscape with automatically open and save a new level but I quickly realized that I needed to make several empty levels to save the pieces of the large landscape to. I created the canyon area and the start room area because I knew those would be their own levels. Then I began cutting the landscape apart and ended up with extra pieces that I did not select from the landscape. It took a few tries of undoing and cutting again that I learned that the landscape editor is very finicky and the best way to ensure the proper sections of the landscape are being selected is the position the camera facing the selection you want and then using the selection tool first to make sure the move tool moves the landscape sections you want at the same time.


It is a very deliberate series of clicks and making sure you come back to the selection tool before clicking on anything else. This opened up a sort of “Layering” of levels that could be loaded and unloaded and also worked on independently within our group without interfering with other sections of the landscape.