Holly learns Apex Clothing

I am currently working on applying apex to several cloth heavy characters for the game to give them a more dynamic presence. The amount of smooth movement you can get out of pretty low polygon models is awesome. It’s super satisfying to when you get all the settings just right and see the character in UE4 with some simulated wind.

I mostly relied on nvidia’s tutorials as there isn’t a lot out there to pick from. The tutorial is straightforward and apex itself is actually pretty intuitive- especially if you’ve painted the weights for joints before. It glosses over some details (don’t just use Maya’s default setting for how much influence the paint has!), and in my version of PhysX, the latch to nearest stuff looks and works completely differently. It caused me weeks of headaches, but once I figured it out, it seemed ridiculously obvious.

The model I’m working on right now needs a ragdoll so that the cloth will interact properly with the arms. Sometimes it feels like I’m banging my head against a wall, but so far, ever other problem has ended up being simple, and I’m sure it will seem like nothing once I figure out what I’m missing.

Apex being difficult…

Apex working!


Click here to see the video tutorial I used!