Understanding World Composition

I was tasked with creating a separation between levels to assist in level streaming between zones or areas in the game. I had worked with the landscape editor before with simple editing but cutting the sections out was not something that I was familiar with but something I felt I could grasp easily given the documentation of Landscape editing and… Read more →

Holly learns Apex Clothing

I am currently working on applying apex to several cloth heavy characters for the game to give them a more dynamic presence. The amount of smooth movement you can get out of pretty low polygon models is awesome. It’s super satisfying to when you get all the settings just right and see the character in UE4 with some simulated wind.… Read more →

Aaron’s First Round of a UE4 RPG Framework

I am currently working on setting up our initial framework/tools for the UE4 engine as to make this mission a reality. ¬†Some of the things I will share with in this dev blog are a combination of proof of concept projects but of course some¬†full fledged awesomeness as I will try to release some of the more basic concepts and… Read more →

Resdan’s Development Update!

    Currently working on more rocks for the canyon scene using this tutorial The rocks come out really well and I’m excited to have a finished product in the upcoming weeks! Read more →